can you use Intoleran when pregnant?

There are many supplements that address a wide variety of issues and concerns. While both the products and the problems can vary widely, though, one question always arises: can you take these while pregnant?

Here, we offer an answer to that important question, as well as a brief explanation.

can you use Intoleran supplements when pregnant?

The short answer to this question is yes. There should be no danger associated with consuming Intoleran supplements, either when pregnant or breastfeeding.

While this is the case, we do remind everyone that it is always wise to confirm the use of any medical or supplemental health product with your personal healthcare provider. Every situation is different, and it’s always important to seek the advice of someone who is professionally trained and intimately aware of your own medical health.

With that said, there is no reason to avoid Intoleran supplements when pregnant and breastfeeding. This is because our products utilize a highly-targeted solution that is solely designed to support the digestive system.

how Intoleran supplements work

Intoleran supplements are created with one goal in mind. That is to help the body digest its food, and by extension, avoid a plethora of unwanted side effects such as bloating, cramping, and gas.

This is done by providing enzymes that are targeted toward different food intolerances. These are enzymes the body normally makes itself for the digestive system. Enzymes operate according to the lock and key theory. In layman’s terms, this means each enzyme “fits” into a particular kind of digesting food much like a key and a lock.

This gives them a very specific and singular function in the digestive process. They can’t impact other areas of the body and, once ingested through the mouth, they will naturally leave through the other end of the digestive tract when their job is done.

Along with the safety of enzymes themselves, Intoleran follows extremely strict guidelines to make sure each and every product it creates is of the highest quality. This starts with in-house production. The Intoleran team creates the brand’s signature enzyme supplements right in its own production facility in the Netherlands. They follow strict HACCP guidelines and are in the process of certification for ISO 13485 for medical devices, as well.

Along with its own scrupulous manufacturing standards, Intoleran is also rigorous with its ingredients and formulas. This begins with careful sourcing of local ingredients — 95% of which are purchased right in Europe. These are simple and clean, with no additives. They are assembled into Intoleran’s signature formulas through a handmade production method, which is as pure and effective as possible.

To top it off, Intoleran is even Monash Certified. This means our products have been formally approved by the highly prestigious Monash University, which is an important figure in the food intolerance scene.

From quality and standards to the simplicity and single-application nature of our ingredients, there is nothing to cause any kind of concern when it comes to taking Intoleran products — even when pregnant or breastfeeding. So, if you’re suffering from digestive issues as you navigate the additional stressors and health concerns of pregnancy, ask your doctor about utilizing Intoleran enzyme supplements as a way to create some relief, put your digestive system at ease, and allow yourself the opportunity to fully enjoy your food once again.